Wind of Morrigan video and single out today!Mar 14th, 2019

Our second single "Wind of Morrigan" from the upcoming album "Determinus" is out today. Watch the video directed by Anssi Korhonen below.

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Pre order Determinus!Mar 9th, 2019

Determinus album cover

Our 4th studio album Determinus will be out on April 26th via Frontiers Records. Pre order it now!

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Burn Love Burn out now!Jan 31, 2019

Burn Love Burn single cover

Our first single from the forthcoming album is out today! Crank it up and enjoy!

Leverage to play at Frontiers Rock Festival 2019Nov 15, 2018

Frontiers Rock Festival 2019

Leverage will be appearing at Frontiers Rock Festival on April 28th. See you there!

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The Devil's Turn out now!Sep 17, 2018

Leverage The Devils Turn EP cover

Our new digital EP The Devil's Turn is out now!

Available on all major digital formats!

Pre-order The Devil's Turn EP!Sep 13, 2018

Leverage The Devils Turn EP cover

New EP The Devil's Turn will be out via Frontiers Music Srl on September 17th!

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Leverage Wheels From Hell single cover

Brand new single Wheels From Hell is out now via Frontiers Music Srl!

The song is taken from the band's upcoming digital EP 'The Devil's Turn' which will be released on August 29th.

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Wheels From Hellofficial lyric video

IT'S A DEAL - We just got signed with Frontiers Music!A STATUS UPDATE // Mar 29, 2018

Things got rolling pretty fast after we released ”Red Moon”, actually faster than we had expected considering how long it had been silent with Leverage and how much the whole scene has changed, it took a month or so to get everything set up contract, schedule etc. wise. We’re glad to be back with Frontiers who are a solid record company and who made it very clear that they want us.

We’re hitting the studio, the mighty Sonic Pump, starting with Valtteri's drums on the 13th of April and will have the EP of 4 new songs released in the summer.

From there we’ll keep working towards a full new album that is due to be released in the spring of ’19. We locked the EP songs early, and right now there’s a lot going on with a bunch of new songs in the different stages of making. The EP will be a really heavy rocking thing and a great way for us to introduce Mikko and Kimmo, who are both AWESOME!

It’s a new era for the band Leverage and all of us involved. It’s now all about the new group and the music we’re working on. It’ll also be a thrill to finally get to play the Leverage songs from the past live again, along with the new stuff. We’ll play at the John Smith festival on July 21st, which also marks the first live performance with the new line-up. With the album in the making, it remains to be seen how many other live gigs we can fit into ’18.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the music, heavy rock. Writing it, putting it together with the band, recording it and then getting out to play to the people. Been like that since day one and still is.

Feels good to be back,

Leverage paints the red moon upon sky of SonoraPRESS RELEASE // JAN 31, 2018

Finnish melodic heavyrocker’s Leverage breaks the silence and comes back on track with new single and new line-up!

"Somewhere during the lengthy Leverage-hiatus I started writing heavy rock songs with guitarist, extraordinare Mikko Salovaara (Kiuas etc.) for Kimmo Blom to sing. This was at first more like ’therapy’, making music just to make music. I’ve been writing with Kimmo on and off for different purposes for a long time, and we hit it off really well between three of us right from the get go writing and demoing what I’d call pure heavy rock", tells Leverage’s founder, guitarist and songwriter Tuomas ”Tuoppi” Heikkinen and continues:

"Later, on another sidenote, having played some really cool Rainbow Dio-era tribute gigs under the Wolf Moon Rising-moniker (Leverage minus Pekka and Torsti and with Kimmo on the vocals) we started feeling that we must move on. One way or the other. Of original Leverage members, Torsti had already changed his career towards writing film score, and Pekka was busy singing for a living in coverbands and also working with Brother Firetribe who are great at what they do. There’s never been any issues or nothing but brother-like friendship between any of us, it was just becoming obvious that we couldn’t continue Leverage as a heavy rock band with the same line-up."

"In ways, this is a circle closing. Kimmo was meant to be the vocalist on the first pre-production demos of what became Leverage’s debut full length-album ’Tides’. Back in the day, Kimmo was too busy at that time with Urban Tale for it to really happen."

"I still have early very rough demos of what became ’Superstition’ and ’Gone’ for ’Tides’, with him singing", Heikkinen replies.

"And it was sheer luck and coincidence that I met Pekka and we got on the way. Pekka is a fantastic singer and a friend for life. Anyway, now it’s 2018, Leverage is back with new music and aim to put out more & get out to play this year", Heikkinen promises.

"On ’Red Moon Over Sonora’ we wrote the basic chords and some of the ’indian hum’-melody together with Mikko, and I took it on from there. This was already some time ago. Going through demos, from last few years, some very recent, some a few years old, this song popped out as something to finish now and put out as our first new song. It’s got a great fresh vibe to it, while still being very much what Leverage has always been, old school heavy rock with intense vocals and a ’story’. Something old, something new", Heikkinen says.

Hear the music and watch the brand new lyricvideo of Red Moon Over Sonora from: